Be a part of the solution to end child sexual abuse

Please take a stand with us to protect children and prevent abuse in our community. You can invest in our mission through our Lighting the Path Giving Society or Monthly Giving Program. Become a part of the solution to end the cycle of abuse and sex trafficking.

Lighting the Path Giving Society

Our giving society name was inspired by our staff’s passion for our mission and clients. We are honored to be able to support our clients through an extremely challenging time. One staff member expressed that our work is to walk beside our clients and light their path towards healing and hope. Children come to us in their most vulnerable moments, and we help them find their way out of that darkness. We also light the path for the prevention of child sexual abuse through outreach and training within our community. You can help us light the path for families and our community by joining our Lighting the Path Giving Society.

The CAC’s Lighting the Path community plays a vital role in enhancing our ability to sustainably and proactively serve children, families, and our community. Members commit to a three-year investment, which allows The CAC flexible and consistent funding to ensure each child and family has access to our healing services. This three-year commitment will also enable us to expand our community outreach programs to prevent child sexual abuse.

Lighting the Path members make a three-year pledge at one of the following giving levels:

Champion: Annual Donation Over $25,000

Hero: Annual Donation between $5,000 – $24,999

Thank you to our Lighting The Path members!


The Nagel Family



If you are interested in joining the Lighting the Path Community, please contact Rob Sanchez at or 713-986-3572.


Monthly Giving

Recurring monthly donations provide us with sustainable funding to better plan for our future and support the community. Together, we will create a healthier, safer community for all children. Sign up here today.

See how your monthly donations could support our mission and the families we serve.

$25 – Educate: Contribute to internet and personal safety training for thousands of children in our community.

$50 – Encourage: Support our Children’s Parties so we can provide school supplies and holiday gifts to help empower and encourage children during this difficult time.

$100 – Empower: Provide support to meet families’ basic needs so they can focus on recovering from the trauma of child sexual abuse.

$250 – Support: Sustain our medical exams for child sexual abuse victims to ensure their health and well-being.

$500 – Train: Equip our master’s level forensic interviewers with best practices training to enhance their knowledge of how to protect children.

$1,000 – Heal: Enable children and families to receive trauma-informed mental health services to build resiliency and restore their hope for the future

By consistently supporting our mission, you can create transformational community change and be a part of lighting the path towards healing and prevention.