Doctoral Psychology Internship Program

The Children’s Assessment Center (The CAC) accepts two full-time interns for a 12-month internship, which begins August 1st  and ends July 31st. The psychology doctoral internship program is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and is currently not accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Questions specifically related to the program’s accreditation status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979 / E-mail:

Interns must currently be enrolled in a doctoral program in Psychology (Clinical, Counseling, or School Psychology). During the course of the year, interns are required to complete a minimum of 2000 clock hours to be used toward licensure and must meet expected levels of performance in each of the nine profession-wide competencies and one program-specific competency. Interns are expected to work at least 40 hours per week, and at least 25 percent of this time is devoted to direct services. The internship is both therapy- and assessment-oriented. Interns receive supervised experience in psychotherapy, psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning, consultation services, case management, and crisis intervention. Upon completion of the internship year, interns are granted a certificate of completion signifying that all requirements were met. In addition to developing clinical skills, interns are encouraged to participate in educational seminars, conferences, and community outreach endeavors.

Psychology Internship Handbook

Internship Admissions, Support, and Outcome Data Table

Contact Dr. Rosa Macklin-Hinkle with questions or by phone at (713) 986-3460.