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A Message from our Program Director

Established in 1991, The Children’s Assessment Center (CAC) in Houston, Texas celebrates 30 years of service to the children and families of Harris County in 2021. I am incredibly honored to be a part of the mission of The CAC and to have served our community for the past 24 years. The CAC remains steadfast in our commitment and dedication to reaching the sexually abused children in every part of our community and to eradicating child sexual abuse through our work with children and families, partners, and our community.

Our service providers – Forensic Interviewers, Family and Victim Advocates, Pediatric Doctors and Nurses, Mental Health Professionals, and MDT Coordinators – are trauma-informed, evidence-based practitioners who believe in the child-centered, multidisciplinary team approach to child sexual abuse. We recognize the courage necessary to walk through our doors, and we strive daily to give our personal and professional best to every child and family who finds their way to us. We also recognize that relationships with our partners – law enforcement, child protective services, medical, county and district attorneys, and other community agencies — are fundamental to collaboration and successful outcomes for our clients. Thus, we bring the same dedication and passion to the success of our partnerships as we devote ourselves to our work with children and families.

Every year, 60,000 children courageously share their stories of abuse at a CAC in Texas. In Harris County, we serve children under the age of 19 who are alleged victims of child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or human trafficking, severe physical abuse, and witnesses to violent crimes. We focus on complete healing, authenticity, and transparency regarding the civil and criminal justice process. There is no fee for services, and all children who qualify and need help to receive the same quality of care regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status.

Our work at The CAC is guided by the belief that all children in our community deserve to grow up safe, happy, and healthy. Our vision is a world free of child sexual abuse.

With your help, we believe it’s possible.

Lisa Longoria Bourgoyne, M.Ed., LPC-S

Program Director

The Children’s Assessment Center