Medical Clinic

Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital make a significant difference in the lives of abused children in our community. Under the direction of Reena Isaac, MD, children receive the highest quality of care from skilled physicians and specially trained and certified advance practice providers (APPs).

The medical team performs specialized medical evaluations on-site in a child-friendly, non-threatening environment. This helps minimize the child’s discomfort and fear during the exam. A medical exam is offered to any child who has allegations or concerns of abuse.

The purpose of the medical evaluation is to assess the well-being, health, and safety of the child. The collection of evidence, documentation of potential trauma and the assessment for sexually transmitted infections, injuries, and pregnancy may occur. Most importantly, the medical evaluation, and specifically the medical examination, is performed to reassure the child and family that his/her body is okay.

Nevertheless, children may feel worried, embarrassed or uncomfortable about their exam. It is normal for children to feel anxious about their examination. The medical provider will take as much time as necessary to help children throughout the medical evaluation by explaining each step of the check-up and finding ways to put the child at ease. Much care is given to protect the voice, modesty, and rights of the child.

A Tribute to Texas Children’s Hospital

A Tribute to Texas Children’s Hospital from The CAC on Vimeo.