Thank You, Kolache Factory!

Join us in celebrating these remarkable individuals and their stories of kindness as we continue to stand united to put an end to child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking. Thank you for being a vital thread in the tapestry of change we weave together.

Thank you to Kolache Factory for being a valued Community Connection

After touring The CAC and seeing the items our clients most critically needed, Kolache Factory generously launched a Houston-wide cash donation shoe drive this July. The drive collected $21,528.98 from Kolache Factory customers throughout the city to support our first-ever shoe drive! We are thrilled to partner with this family-run, Houston-founded company to provide essential footwear for our children’s journey to healing.

Through initiatives like these, we witness firsthand the profound impact that a caring community can have on the lives of these young survivors. The Kolache Factory’s contribution extends far beyond the monetary value, as it showcases a community that believes in these children’s potential and is willing to take tangible steps to support their growth and well-being.

We are grateful to the Kolache Factory for advocating and raising awareness for our kids and mission. Their generosity exemplifies the spirit of unity that drives our ” Community Connections ” and reinforces that positive change can be achieved when we stand together.