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In our Media Toolkit, you can access press releases, background information about our organization, recent news about The Children’s Assessment Center (The CAC), and connect with me, the Communications and Outreach Coordinator. Learn more about what is happening at The CAC by signing up to receive our Monthly Mission Moment Newsletters and by following us on social media.”


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Learn more about what is happening at The CAC by signing up to receive our Monthly Mission Moment Newsletters and by following us on social media.


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Our External Affairs Team works with English and Spanish-speaking media, as well as print and digital partners, to raise awareness about the realities of child sexual abuse and to ensure stories are reported in a sensitive and accurate way. If you are a reporter covering the issue and would like to set up an interview or learn more about The CAC, please reach out to Sarah Hernandez, Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

Respect for Child Survivors Act with Senator John Cornyn at The CAC – Houston Chronicle

January 12, 2023

The Children’s Assessment Center welcomes Senator John Cornyn and other victim advocates to The CAC for a round table discussion and press conference to announce the Respect for Child Survivors Act. 

Human Trafficking Awareness Month with Gabby Baptista (Español)– VibraLatina and Telemundo Houston

January 2023

Forensic Services Supervisor, Claudia Reyes Hauser, talks with Gabby Baptista about Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Their conversation touches on the importance of the multidisciplinary approach used by Advocacy Centers and the roles of our forensic services team, signs of abuse, and what we can do as a society to mitigate the issue of human trafficking in our community. 

Human Trafficking Awareness Month Press Conference – Click 2 Houston

January 5, 2023

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. On Thursday, January 5th The Children’s Assessment Center hosted its 1st Annual CAC Human Trafficking Awareness Day and Press Conference. Our hope at The CAC is that during this month, we can unite individuals and organizations to help increase awareness and support survivors of trafficking through a coordinated, collaborative approach to fighting trafficking. Houston is a hub for trafficking, and it will take every one of us to make a difference and put an end to this tragedy. Our message this month is simple – our children are not for sale.

Cypress Child Abuse Arrest After Amber Alert – KHOU 11

October 19, 2022

CAC Staff Psychologist, Dr. Whitney Crowson, talks with reporters about the resiliency in children after experiencing abuse and neglect.

22nd Annual Spirit of Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show press release

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March 29, 2022

The Spirit of Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show is a staple event in the Houston community, hosted each spring for over 20 years. This event brings together philanthropists, advocates, and fashion lovers alike to promote awareness and prevent child sexual abuse in our community.


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Recommendations for Reporting on Child Sexual Abuse

Educating the public about child sexual abuse and its impact on individuals and communities is the key to prevention. You can make a difference by reporting on and sharing critical information about the realities of child sexual abuse in our community.

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For all media inquiries, contact Sarah Hernandez.

Sarah Hernandez

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

2500 Bolsover St.

Houston, TX 77005

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