Other Ways to Give

To make a gift to The CAC, please visit us here.

You can make a lasting impact in our community by donating time, gifts, supplies, or planned donations.

In-Kind Giving

You can give a variety of in-kind gifts to support The CAC and our clients. We have ongoing donation needs for our clients, including donations for:

We also appreciate additional in-kind donations for fundraising auctions, new computers for clients, and other ongoing donation needs. To learn more about in-kind donations, please contact The Activity Center at cacactivitycenter@cac.hctx.net


Give the gift of time by volunteering with The CAC. You can volunteer at our children’s events, such as the Holiday Party or Back-to-School


Event, fundraising events, or various volunteer days throughout the year. To learn more about volunteering, please contact julissa.alvarado@cac.hctx.net.

Planned Giving

A planned gift will significantly impact The CAC’s ability to enhance the safety, healing, and well-being of the children and families we serve. It will also positively affect your current taxes and reduce potential capital gains or inheritance taxes. In structuring all planned gifts, it is important that you consult your legal/financial advisor on its deductibility on your particular financial situation. To learn more about all forms of planned giving, please contact Betsey Runge at betsey.runge@cac.hctx.net or 713-986-3485.

Charitable Bequest in Your Will

You can designate a bequest gift to The CAC, or one of our programs, in your will. Create a legacy of transformational community change while also positively affecting the inheritance taxes on the remainder of your estate.

Insurance Policies or Retirement Plan Beneficiary

If your current beneficiaries no longer apply, you can designate insurance policies, retirement accounts, and funds to The CAC. The policy or account owned by The CAC is not subject to inheritance taxes.

Charitable Remainder or Lead Trusts

You can choose to state a specific gift amount, provide a percentage, or be structured for either an immediate or deferred payout to you or your beneficiaries over several years. The CAC then receives the balance of the trust or initial payments upon completion of the trust.

Appreciated Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, or Real Estate

You can support The CAC by donating shares of appreciated stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate. Your tax-deductible gift can make a difference in the lives of children and also reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes.